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Professional (in the far future)

People swarming towards the white hallways

A glint of sunlight play with a pair of circular specs

And that’s how I spot you;

And apparently you’ve marked me on, too.

Right foot, left foot.

Walking with your leather shoes on

White polo tucked in

Your sleeves folded a tad bit messily

Right foot, left foot.

Your white coat dangling lazily on your arm

Stethoscope locked around your neck

Yet temptation strikes me to tousle your unkempt hair

Right foot, left foot, right, left, right left

Our eyes meet, but we stand parallel

And never do we intersect

Your cocky smirk and my coy smile

Our tiny secret mornings no one knows.




You were on the left

I was on the right

You pulled me a little to your side

As you squirmed a tad bit towards me.

Now we’re in the middle

Uttering no words,

 You leaned your head on my shoulder

And I felt you softly breathe into a slumber.

It’s 2 AM. Your gentle smell still seeps through my skin while your heartbeat pulses through my left side.


You told them it’s between you and me; our little secret. It wasn’t much to hide about, but concealing it through our silence and occasional glances made me feel slightly special and victorious above all other girls out there. I know, it’s wrong to assume.

Happy Birthday

It was my birthday and our eyes met. Happy birthday, indeed.


You put down your book
You take off your glasses
You head off to your kitchen
You warm a cup of milk
You change into your pjs
You plug in your earphones
You click shuffle
You sip on your milk
You stare out at the night sky—

—I stare out at the night sky
And wish you’re gazing at the stars too
I just made some fabrication
On every possible life you’re having right now.


Sometimes I just want to engulf myself in darkness and get lost.