A letter you wouldn’t even read

by letterzee

To the guy that came at the wrong time,

I liked you from day one.

I liked you from the moment you introduced yourself, the way you appeared nonchalant about getting to know you’s. I liked how you squeezed some time into grabbing some munchkin donuts when I said I was hungry, even if you were in a rush. I liked how you ended your sentences with a comma followed by my name, when acknowledging me with your eyes was far from enough. I liked how you were effortlessly loved by our mutual friends. I liked how you were so carefree and how you always accomplish things by winging them but ace them anyway. I liked how you remembered snippets of myself like how I loved cats, how I hated tomatoes but loved tomato-based pastas.

Most of all, I liked how we clicked right from the start. I didn’t need to build up walls around me and all I had to do was freely open my mouth for my thoughts to connect with yours.

But we couldn’t be and we wouldn’t be. 

But you could be and would be…with her.

Fate’s inevitable naughty interplay in our lives got me thinking all about the what if’s. For the meantime, you are just a memory kept in the deepest crevices of my mind.