Apologies and Gratitude

Dear You,

     I’m sorry to be the one to end this. But you have to know that I loved you and never learned to hate you. You were the perfect one – the type who left sunflowers in the passenger seat as I open the door for shotgun; the one who stayed up late to hear my nonsensical rants; the one who was always on the other end of the phone when I couldn’t sleep. The one who was there for me anytime, anywhere.

     When you do find somebody else, memories of us will linger on and maybe obscure your feelings towards her. But please do make new memories. She might be a girl who loves to play in the rain. A girl who’s up for spontaneous, 2 AM adventures. A girl who barges into crowded, noisy places without getting restless. A girl who would be up for anything – everything I am and was not. 

     When you do become someone else’s other half, I’ll cheer you on with the optimum enthusiasm I can give off. You would buy a bouquet of her favorite flowers (roses, perhaps?) and would pull off your special talent of surprising people with your exceptional creativity. On her worst days, she would go home only to find a box of chocolates by her doorstep. You would brighten up her ordinary routine by sneaking in tiny cards with messages. She would tease you at how cheesy you are, but deep inside she is happy.

     Sorry it had to turn out this way but remember that you were a great, selfless one. You have been words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters of my book. You have  molded me to become stronger. I learned a lot from you, and from us. I will forever be grateful for you.

Thank you for everything.