unspool and crystallize

the little random and spontaneous things

Month: November, 2014

Soap Bubbles

It’s those times when you walk past me;

Those times when you peek through my shoulder to check on what I’m doing;

Those times when you teasingly headlock me;

Those times when you put your forehead against my left shoulder and suppress your laughter;

Those times when you nuzzle my hair while I’m spacing out;

Those times when you sit on my arm rest and make my head your elbow’s arm rest —

Those are the times that you are the scent of soap bubbles

That I have not grown immune to.



It was just the two of us left on our way to the station. My eyes couldn’t help but notice every atom of you. I liked how your cheeks were flushed from the cold, how your eyes seemed to smile in sync with your dimples, and how I could see your breath fogged up the air as you talked. You said you left your gloves at home. I stared at my gloves. Obviously, my tiny hands are nothing compared to your bulky-manly hands. You placed your hand at the back of my neck. I tried to free myself from your piercing cold fingers. You laughed at my weakness and shrugged, placing your right arm on my right shoulder. I looked down. Honestly, your hand wasn’t anything close to freezing. It’s just — I wanted to keep my distance from you…cause I shouldn’t be crushing on you for so many reasons. That’s when you placed your hand on my forehead, lifting my head up. I was technically still trapped around your arm, every bit of my system flustered and yet you seem to do it so nonchalantly. We must look cute walking together like this. I curse myself. You turned to look at me and moved my head to face you, letting out a soft laugh. You put your hand down, dangling it on my shoulder. You were still laughing for God knows what reason, while there I was worried if you felt how warm my face became.

I hate how you’re not helping me un-crush you. Cause I shouldn’t be crushing on you for so many reasons. 

Labeled By Thoughts

When I was too scared
And took me everything to hold back my tears
It was your face I saw at the back of my mind
And swore that if you were there with me right at that moment
I’d burst out crying; my forehead on your chest.

Funny how my heart functioned
Cause all along my thoughts labelled you as a friend.