unspool and crystallize

the little random and spontaneous things

Month: December, 2013

Self Deviance

Sometimes I feel like I’m not being myself lately. Like I’m starting to taste change – a trigger of self deviance. It feels weird and wrong as if I’m out of place. Then again, the feeling of liberation makes me think that perhaps this is just fine. A little bit of chaos in peace wouldn’t hurt. A little bit of neons in pastels wouldn’t be too blinding. A little bit of uncertainties, surprises, spontaneity, and genuine smiles and laughter can pop that bubble I subliminally wanted to step out of.



I try not to blush
When your lips spell my name
Oh, how I wish my heart to hush
And its every beat to tame

For I love the afternoon we spend
With nuisance people in between
Wishing they would lend
A spare moment to see you beam

What rubbish this love so inconspicuous
This heart pumping pain through the vessels
For you to reciprocate, ’tis dubious
When you keep so dearly someone else special