unspool and crystallize

the little random and spontaneous things


I’ve forgotten about you until I saw your barcode tattoo.

Him to Her

“I wanted to watch you fall into slumber as you rested your head on the table. But he was sitting next to you, doing it instead of me.” — Him to Her

Tears Gathered

You cup my face with your hands

And tell me it’s okay

Your gaze seeps through my eyes

As if gathering my tears away


I punched in your number.
Played with the telephone wire.
Fidgeted as I waited for you to pick up.
You said hello.
I said hello.
And you laughed.
We talked.
My voice, in its excitement, rose a pitch higher.
Your voice and its echo collided with my echo.
We converged for a millisecond.
Then we both quiet down.
Cause there was a limit.
There’s always a limit.
You said bye.
I said the same.
Except mine faded to a whisper.
I couldn’t let go.
But I had to put the handset down.
I leaned against the wall.
And cried.

I miss you.


You put down your book
You take off your glasses
You head off to your kitchen
You warm a cup of milk
You change into your pjs
You plug in your earphones
You click shuffle
You sip on your milk
You stare out at the night sky—

—I stare out at the night sky
And wish you’re gazing at the stars too
I just made some fabrication
On every possible life you’re having right now.

Stopping By

You said I looked like
Some girl you know.

Do you like her?
Doesn’t matter, I guess.

Cause at least,
I crossed your mind.


Sometimes I just want to engulf myself in darkness and get lost.


“Your reality distorts mine. It’s actually blinding me, like I don’t know what’s what anymore.”

The Time

It had to be the time when our proximity was just a whisper away;

It had to be the time when my very self was such a klutz

It had to be the time -

     when my feet tangled themselves on a flat surface

     when my hands subconsciously caught your arm

     when you laughed a soft laugh -

That she was there in her beautiful presence

And you stared at her while you helped me get on my two feet.



Loathing over the moments before I sleep
Clocks whispering their rhythmic ticks
Thoughts creep though the labyrinth of my mind
Embraced by darkness, my screams confined


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